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7424 East Greenlake Way: A Seattle Reminiscence by Dorothea Nordstrand

This reminiscence of a beloved childhood house in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood of the 1920s was written by Dorothea Nordstrand (1916-2011), who has lived in the vicinity for much of her life. In ...

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A Coal Miner's Story: Mike Babcanik's Week Trapped Underground (1914)

This is an account of a coal mine accident that occurred on February 16, 1914, in the Cannon coal mine, near Franklin, about two miles southeast of Black Diamond, located in east King County. Coal min...

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A Letter Written by Annie Hall from a 1900 Railroad Trip from Spokane to Athena, Oregon

This people's history, contributed by Richard Hall, consists of an eight-page letter written by his great grandmother, Annie Hall (1869-1921) in late November 1900. She boarded a Spokane-bound Norther...

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A Proud Day by Vern Nordstrand

This is the story of a proud day in the life of Boeing mechanic (later Superintendent of Tooling) Vern Nordstrand (1918-2009). Nordstrand lived in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle with his wife,...

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A second-hand account of one family's triumph over poverty, war, and the Great Depression by Gary Graupner

Gary Graupner grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, but tales of the hardships that his close family endured as they struggled with poverty, disease, war, and the Great Depression were passed down to him in...

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A soldier en route to the Korean War in September 1951 writes about his stopover in Seattle.

The words below are from a diary kept by Roswell K. Doughty, a U.S. Army reserve officer about to fight in the war in Korea. Doughty writes vividly about leaving his wife, El, and three children in Ne...

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