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Diablo Dam incline railway climbing Sourdough Mountain, 1930. Courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives, 2306.
Children waving to ferry, 1950. Courtesy Museum of History and Industry.
Loggers in the Northwest woods. Courtesy Washington State Digital Archives.

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Uniting a Pair

A century ago, marriages between men and women of different races were banned by many states, including California, where Gunjiro Aoki and Gladys Emery fell in love. The press tracked their elopement to Seattle, where they tied the knot on March 27, 1909, at Trinity Parish Church.

Schooner Repair

Five years after Fishermen's Terminal opened in Seattle, a group of halibut-schooner owners found themselves frustrated with the city's lack of shipyard capacity and decided to take matters into their own hands. On March 28, 1919, they incorporated Fishing Vessel Owners Marine Ways, and their yard at the terminal still serves the fishing fleet to this day.

No Longer There

On March 29, 1925, a memorial to President Warren G. Harding was dedicated in Seattle's Woodland Park. Sculptural elements of the memorial were created by Alice Robertson Carr, but by the 1970s the monument had fallen into disrepair. The concrete bandstand and its bas-relief sculptures were broken up and used for fill in the zoo's new African Savannah exhibit.


On March 29, 1968, the Court C Coffeehouse opened in Tacoma as a gathering place for artists and intellectuals. And speaking of coffee, on March 30, 1971, Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl handed out free sample cups of coffee to their first customers in their new coffee shop near Pike Place Market. They only sold beans for the next decade, but when they began to sell brewed coffee in 1982, Starbucks burst onto the world stage, and the rest is jittery history.


On April 1, 1989, KING-TV's comedy show Almost Live opened with a "special report" announcing that the Space Needle had collapsed. Even though the two doctored pictures of the debris included captions dated April Fool's Day, KING and the city's 911 line were swamped with calls from people who fell for the prank.


Cities celebrating birthdays this week include neighbors Bellevue and Clyde Hill, both of which incorporated on March 31, 1953. And on March 31, 2003, Spokane Valley incorporated and instantly became the state's ninth largest city.

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 Large-scale irrigation of the Yakima Valley commenced on March 26, 1892, when water from the Yakima River gushed into the Sunnyside Canal for the first time.

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