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Colman Clock (Seattle)

The Colman Clock of the Seattle Ferry Terminal at Colman Dock has truly taken a licking, but keeps on ticking. Over the past hundred years, since 1908 when it arrived, the clock has been dunked into P...

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Ferry Kalakala

The ferry Kalakala was launched from the Lake Washington Shipyards, in Kirkland, on July 2, 1935. Between 1935 and 1967, the streamlined ferry plied the waters of Puget Sound, carrying commuting worke...

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Ferry Martha S. of Keller

The ferry Martha S of Keller was launched on Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake in 1948 and transported vehicles and passengers across the Columbia River between Ferry and Lincoln counties at the Keller Ferry...

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Ferry Whistles on Puget Sound: A Slideshow

For more than a century, ferryboat captains on Puget Sound have used the distinctive docking signal made up of a long blast on the boat's whistle followed by two short ones. In maritime terms, this is...

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Seattle Central Waterfront, Part 4: From Mosquito Fleet to Ferry System at Colman Dock

Colman Dock, Pier 52, now the Washington State Ferries terminal at the base of today's Columbia Street, was originally built by Scottish engineer James Colman in 1882 to service the growing regional s...

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Transportation Chronology: Moving Washington for a Century -- 100 Years in the History of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

This chronology marks the major milestones in the evolution of Washington's transportation system over a century of progress, challenge, and innovation.

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Turning Point 9: The Sound and the Ferry: The Birth of Washington State Ferries

The ninth essay in HistoryLink's Turning Points series for The Seattle Times traces the history of ferry transportation on Puget Sound beginning with Native American canoe transportation, continuing t...

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