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Upper Skagit River Hydroelectric Project

Three Seattle City Light dams on the Upper Skagit River in the Cascade Mountains today (2000) produce 25 percent of the electrical power consumed in Seattle. (The dams are located in southeast Whatcom...

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Volunteer Park (Seattle)

Volunteer Park, located on Seattle's Capitol Hill, is an Olmsted-designed, landmark park that is home to the Volunteer Park Conservatory, the Seattle Asian Art Museum, and a city water reservoir and s...

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Waterfront Park (Seattle)

When Waterfront Park opened in 1974, it was the first public park on Seattle's central waterfront, an area that had long been used for work and play, but never had a designated public recreational spa...

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West Seattle Memories Part 1: Alki Beach

This file contains Bob and Ada Hallberg's memories of West Seattle's Alki Beach and the log rafts swimmers could sit on and dive off up until the 1950s. It is an exerpt of an oral history interview co...

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West Seattle Memories Part 3: West Seattle Pools

This file contains recollections of swimming in West Seattle at the Lincoln Park pool and at the Alki Natatorium. Gertrude Stevens recounts how she learned to swim, Ada Hallberg talks about swimming i...

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West Seattle Memories Part 4: Luna Park

This file contains memories of West Seattle's Luna Park taken from oral history interviews conducted in 1999 by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. Luna Park, Seattle's "Coney Island of the West...

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