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A soldier en route to the Korean War in September 1951 writes about his stopover in Seattle.

The words below are from a diary kept by Roswell K. Doughty, a U.S. Army reserve officer about to fight in the war in Korea. Doughty writes vividly about leaving his wife, El, and three children in Ne...

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Business and Industry in Seattle in 1900

A look at Seattle area businesses in 1900 indicates that the economy was simpler, life less complicated, labor harder, travel slower, and that opportunities to enhance one's quality of life were rarer...

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Clise, James (1855-1939)

James W. Clise arrived in Seattle the day after the great fire of 1889 had burned down the business district. He promptly founded a real estate company, launching a career that made him one of the mos...

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Cumming, William (1917-2010)

William Cumming, a leading artist in the Pacific Northwest School, called himself "The Willie Nelson of Northwest Painting." His brilliant career as a painter was interwined with politics and interrup...

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Danz, Fredric A. (1918-2009)

Some may have been born into show business, but for Fredric Danz, it's more accurate to say that he was born into the business of shows. The son of pioneer Seattle film exhibitor John Danz (d. 1961),...

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Ku Klux Klan in Washington, 1921-1925

A common image of the Ku Klux Klan depicts robed and hooded white men in the post-Civil War South, nightriders on horseback, burning crosses and terrorizing freed black slaves and anyone who dared sup...

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Seattle's Smith Tower building permit is issued on October 20, 1910.

On October 20, 1910, the City of Seattle issues a permit to build a 36-story steel frame and concrete office building at the northeast corner of 2nd Avenue and Yesler Way. It will be completed in 1914...

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Smith Tower officially opens in Seattle on July 4, 1914.

On July 4, 1914, the 462-foot-high Smith Tower, located in downtown Seattle, is officially opened by its owner, Burns Lyman Smith (1880-1941). Located at 506 2nd Avenue, the building has taken three a...

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Silas Christofferson shows off aeroplane, bombs Seattle, on July 18, 1914.

On July 18, 1914, aviator Silas Christofferson (1890-1916) performs a variety of stunts during the summer Potlatch celebration. War had just broken out in Europe following the June 28 assassination of...

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Lloyd F. Nelson submits patent application for his trail-blazing external-frame "Trapper Nelson" backpack to U.S. Patent Office on July 31, 1922.

On July 31, 1922, a patent application drawn up by Seattle attorney Richard J. Cook (1881?-1946) is filed with the U.S. Patent Office in an effort to establish legal protection for an invention by Bre...

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Queen Marie of Romania visits Blaine to rededicate the Peace Arch on November 6, 1926.

On November 6, 1926, Queen Marie of Romania (1875-1938) rededicates Samuel Hill's Peace Arch in Blaine on the border of the United States and Canada. (The arch had been dedicated twice before, in 1921...

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William Ivey opens his first solo exhibition of paintings at the Seattle Art Museum on April 8, 1964.

On April 8, 1964, William Ivey (1919-1992) marks his debut as a painter working in the Abstract Expressionist style at his first one-man show at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). The exhibition features 3...

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