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Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909): Music at the Fair

Washington's first World's Fair -- the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition -- was held in Seattle on the grounds of the University of Washington campus between June 1 and October 16, 1909, and drew more t...

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Alaskan Way Viaduct, Part 3: Building the Viaduct

After a protracted planning period that spanned nearly two decades, work commenced on the Alaskan Way Viaduct on February 6, 1950. The project, jointly constructed by the City of Seattle and the state...

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Alaskan Way Viaduct, Part 4: Replacing the Viaduct

When it opened in 1953, the much-maligned Alaskan Way Viaduct, State Route 99's route along the Seattle waterfront, offered the first route around Seattle's congested central business district. The ex...

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Allied Arts of Seattle

Allied Arts of Seattle is one of the city's most influential advocates for urban design and the arts. It grew out of the Beer & Culture Society, a small circle of academics, architects, and artist...

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Anti-Chinese Activism -- Seattle

Chinese immigrants, largely men, began arriving in Seattle in the 1860s, and played a key role in the development of Washington Territory, providing labor for the region's mines and salmon canneries a...

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Bank of Commerce (Yesler) Building (Seattle)

The Bank of Commerce Building (common name, Yesler Building) at 95 Yesler Way, is located on the southwest corner of 1st Avenue S and Yesler Way and was one of three "legacy" buildings commissioned b...

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39 Timeline Entries

Denny, Boren, and Bell select claims on Elliott Bay marking the beginning of Seattle on February 15, 1852.

On February 15, 1852, Arthur Denny (1822-1899), Carson Boren (1824-1912), and William Bell (1817-1887) select Donation Land claim sites on the eastern portion of Elliott Bay. Most of the original sett...

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Plats filed for Town of Seattle on May 23, 1853.

On May 23, 1853, Arthur Denny (1822-1899), Carson Boren (1824-1912), and Dr. David S. Maynard (1808-1873) file the first plats for the Town of Seattle and establish the present-day street grid in Pion...

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Lynch mob hangs two Snohomish Indians in Seattle's Pioneer Square on April 12, 1854.

On April 12, 1854, a lynch mob hangs two members of the Snohomish tribe in Pioneer Square. The Native Americans are accused of murdering a man believed to be Pennsylvania native James B. McCormick, wh...

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Schwabacher's erects Seattle's first brick building on October 24, 1872.

On about October 24, 1872, Seattle's first brick building, constructed by Schwabacher Bros. & Company is completed. It stands on the west side of Commercial Street (1st Avenue S) just south of Mil...

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Seattle adopts topographical "datum point" on May 17, 1877.

On May 17, 1877, the City of Seattle passes Ordinance 138, establishing a datum point -- the point at which all other elevations in the city will be based. Prior to determining this "zero point" of th...

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Mobs forcibly expel most of Seattle's Chinese residents beginning on February 7, 1886.

On February 7, 1886, violence breaks out in Seattle as a mob starts to forcibly expel most of the city's Chinese population. The next day one man dies and four are injured when they attack Home Guards...

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