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Agricultural Exports from Washington

In Washington, a national leader in both farm production and international trade, agricultural exports played a key role in development from the early years of non-Indian settlement. As steamboats car...

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Apple Farming in Washington

For nearly a century, Washington has been the nation's leading apple-growing state. Washington's apple story began in the 1820s, when the first apple seeds were planted at Fort Vancouver. Early farmer...

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Beef Cattle Farming in Washington

Beef cattle have been an economic driver in Washington's agricultural history since the first cattle arrived by ship with Spanish explorers, likely in 1780. Production soared with the rush of gold min...

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Berry Farming in Washington

Berries have long been woven into the fabric of Washington food ways and agriculture. Before and after European settlement, Native tribespeople gathered wild berries, a significant part of their food ...

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Dairy Farming in Washington

In 2016, milk was the second highest valued commodity in Washington behind apples, with some 90 percent of the milk produced in the state also processed there. The first substantial herd of cattle arr...

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Egg Farming in Washington

For nearly 30 years following Washington statehood, egg farming was a cottage industry comprised of small, family-owned operations tending to small flocks of chickens. That changed in 1915, when enter...

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Hay Farming in Washington

Hay has been harvested in Washington since the arrival of the first European residents and remains the fourth most valuable crop in the state, behind only apples, wheat and potatoes. Alfalfa, timothy ...

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Potato Farming in Washington

Potatoes have been grown in Washington longer than any other current major crop, reaching the region by at least the 1790s and becoming widely cultivated by Northwest Indian tribes decades before non-...

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Sheep Farming in Washington

In the nearly two centuries since sheep were first brought to Washington, sheep farmers have been rocked by financial panics, the Great Depression, soaring labor costs, foreign competition, catastroph...

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Wheat Farming in Washington

Wheat has been cultivated in Washington since the 1820s and remains the most important agricultural product in much of eastern Washington -- and among the state's top five crops. It was first grown in...

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