King County Historical Bibliography, Part 13: Transportation

  • Posted 11/23/2004
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This bibliography on the history of transportation in King County was prepared as a community history resource by staff of the former King County Office of Cultural Resources, now 4Culture (King County Cultural Development Authority). It was last revised in June 1999.


King County Landmarks and Heritage Program, King County Office of Cultural Resources
506 Second Avenue, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104-2307 (206) 296-7580, 1-800-325-6165 V/TDD


This bibliography provides some basic reference material for the study of transportation history in King County. Not included below are many references that concern transportation related: biographies and autobiographies; histories of shipyards, aircraft manufacture, fisheries and truck and automotive production. Materials relating to these and other themes peripheral to transportation, such as recreation, may be addressed in other theme-specific bibliographies. There are a number of historic property inventory documents and landmark nominations relating to roads, depots, vessels and other aspects of transportation related public works, but most are not included here due to limitations of space. There is a considerable amount of material available in newspapers and journals, but only a very few of these references are included here. Many aspects of transportation have not yet been researched in depth, so information relating to them may appear only as chapters or references in government documents or county and community history publications.

Researchers may wish to consult other bibliographic studies in the current series of Historical Papers. There are considerable resources available at archives, libraries and other repositories, here and elsewhere, such as the material concerning Burlington Northern Railroad (and its predecessors) at the Minnesota Historical Society. The Seattle Street Railway material can be found at the State Archives branch on the campus of Western Washington University in Bellingham. Some of the aspects of research strategy may be found in the parallel Technical Papers series, especially No. 5, Researching Historic Houses.

This bibliography is a work in progress, and is far from comprehensive. Some entries are simply place holders or indicators that further material will be added at a later date. To contribute new or updated information, contact the Landmarks and Heritage Program at the above address.


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See also:

  • Paccar corporate history, construction and motor freight company histories


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See also:

* Lucile McDonald, Lucile, (a selection from her many articles in Sea Chest, Seattle Times, Journal American.)


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See also:

  • bicycle history, bicycle club records
  • good roads movement Pacific Northwest Quarterly/Washington Historical Quarterly
  • Trail Guide Map, Urban Trail Plan, Cedar River Trail Overview
  • Good Roads Annuals 1909 etc.
  • government planning documents: Port, Seattle Engineering, Planning Depts., etc.
  • Dave Beck and Teamster's Union history
  • I-90 bridge histories
  • Caravans to the Northwest
  • Seattle Freeway plan documents
  • AAA roadmap books


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    By Charles Payton

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