King County Historical Bibliography, Part 04: Crime, Law Enforcement, and Justice

  • Posted 11/23/2004
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This bibliography on crime, law enforcement, and justice was prepared as a community history resource by staff of the former King County Office of Cultural Resources, now 4Culture (King County Cultural Development Authority). It was last revised in August 1998.

King County Landmarks and Heritage Program, King County Office of Cultural Resources
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This is an open file for bibliographic materials on the history and biography of law enforcement, courts, true crime and justice. This study does not include most reference material relating to politics, general government and legislative activity. A number of items relating to judicial activity and lawsuits is included.


Birdseye, Judge Story, History of the Superior Court of King County, Washington, 1966, Seattle, typescript, by the author (Judge of the Superior Court).

Botting, David C. Jr., "Bloody Sunday," Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Vol. 49 No. 4, October, 1958, pp162-172.

Brandenfels, Kathryn S., Down on the Sawdust: Prostitution & Vice Control in Seattle, 1870-1920, 1981, Amherst MA, Hampshire College (paper), copy on file, Seattle Public Library Seattle Room.

Chambliss, William J., On the Take: From Petty Crooks to Presidents, 1978, Bloomington, University of Indiana Press (Seattle-King County corruption cases).

Churchill, Thomas, Triumph Over Marcos: A Story Based on the Lives of Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo, Filipino American Cannery Union Organizers, Their Assassination, and the Trial That Followed, 1995, Seattle, Open Hand Publishing Co.

Clark, Norman, The Dry Years: Prohibition and Social Change in Washington, 1965, Seattle, University of Washington Press.

------, "A Booze Baron's Flamboyant Reign," in Seattle Magazine, September, 1964, pp. 14-18.

Countryman, Vern, UnAmerican Activities in the State of Washington: The Work of the Canwell Committee, 1951, Ithaca, Cornell University Press.

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Dwyer, William D., The Goldmark Case: An American Libel Trial, 1984, Seattle, University of Washington Press.

Fish, Harriet U., Law Enforcement in Washington State: The First Hundred Years, 1889-1989, 1989, Olympia, Washington Association of Sherrifs and Police Chiefs.

Fukuda, Dr. Moritoshi, Legal Problems of Japanese Americans: Their History and Development in the United States, 1980, Tokyo, Keio Tsushin Co. Ltd.

Fultz, Hollis B., Famous Northwest Manhunts and Murder Mysteries, 1955, Elma (WA), Fulco Publications (Harry Tracy case).

Griffith, Gregory A. and David W. Harvey, Resource Protection Planning Process (RP3) Study Unit Politics/Government/Law, 1988, Olympia, Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

Government Research Assistance Library, King County Courthouse, typescript, n.d.

Hawley Lowell and Ralph B. Potts, Counsel for the Damned: A Biography of George Francis Vandeveer, 1953, Philadelphia, Lippincott.

Hirabayashi, Gordon, "Growing Up American in Seattle," in Washington Comes of Age: The State in National Perspective, 1992, Pullman (WA), Washington State University Press.

Honig, Douglas and Laura Brenner, On Freedom's Frontier: The First Fifty Years of the ACLU in Washington State, 1987, Seattle, ACLU.

Hood, Ruth et al., No Rest for "Da Fence"; Trident Trials, 1980, Poulsbo (WA),

Ground Zero Center for Non-Violent Action.

Hunt, William, "Tracy the Bandit: Or Adventures of a Cold Blooded Killer," Pacific Northwest, Vol. 15. No. 7, October, 1981, pp. 49-53.

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Inventory of the County Archives of Washington, No. 17, King County (Seattle), Vol. II Judicial Officers. 1941, Seattle, Washington Historical Records Survey, Work Projects Administration. Sponsored by the State College of Washington.

Lampson, Marc, From Profanity Hill: King County's Bar Association Story, 1993, Kirkland, Documentary Book Publishers.

McCallum, John D., Crime Doctor: Dr. Carles P. Larsen

McCoy, John, Concrete Mama: Prison Profiles from Walla Walla, 1981, Columbia, University of Missouri Press.

McCune, Cal, From Romance to Riot: A Seattle Memoir, 1996, Seattle, By the author.

Moloney, Neil W., Cops, Crooks and Politicians, 1993, Seattle, Peanut Butter Press.

Meier, Gary and Gloria, Naughty Ladies of the Old Northwest, 1990, Bend (OR), Maverick Publications.

Murphy, Walter E., Wiretapping on Trial: A Case Study in the Judicial Process, 1965, New York, Random House (Olmstead bootlegging case).

Newell, Gordon, Rogues, Buffoons and Statesmen, 1976?, Seattle, Superior Publishing Co.

Olsen, Jack, Predator: Rape, Madness and Injustice in Seattle, 1991, New York, Delacorte Press (Steve Titus/McDonald Smith case).

------, Charmer: A Ladies Man and His Victims, 1994, New York, William Morrow & Co. (George Russell, Jr. case).

Potts, Ralph Bushnell, Come Now the Lawyers, 1972, Seattle

Rader, Melvin, False Witness, 1969, Seattle, University of Washington Press.

Rose, Kenneth, "Booze and News in 1924: Prohibition in Seattle," Portage Magazine, Vol. 5 No. 4, Winter, 1984, pp16-22.

Rosner, Jo, Proj. Mgr., Of Shoes & Ships & Sealing Wax -- Historic Encounters with the Washington Supreme Court, The Federal Courts, and the United States Supreme Court, 1989, Legal Foundation of Washington (digest of major cases arranged for educational use).

Rule, Ann (Andy Stack), The Want-Ad Killer, 1983/1988, New York, Signet Books.

------, A Rose For Her Grave and Other True Cases, Ann Rule's Crime Files Vol. I, 1993, New York, Pocket Books (Roth, Marler, Fernandez cases)

------, Ann Rule's Crime Files Vol. II, (Goldmark murders)

------, A Fever in the Heart and Other True Cases, Ann Rule's Crime Files Vol. III, 1996, New York, Pocket Books.

------, In the Name of Love and Other True Cases, Ann Rule's Crime Files Vol. IV, 1998, New York, Pocket Books (LeClark/Brooks, Kaarsten & Grant cases)

Sheldon, Charles H., The Washington High Bench: A Biographical History of the State Supreme Court, 1889-1991, 1992, Pullman, Washington State University Press.

Smith, Carlton and Thomas Guillen, The Search for the Green River Killer, 1991, New York, Onyx Books (Penguin).

Smith, Walker C., The Everett Massacre: A History of the Class Struggle in the Lumber Industry, Chicago, IWW Publishing Co., reprinted 1965, Seattle, Shorey Bookstore.

Sweetman, Maude, What Price Politics?: The Inside Story of Washington State Politics, 1927, Seattle, White and Hitchcock Corp.

Un-American Activities in Washington State, First and Second Reports, 1948, Olympia, Report of the Joint Legislative Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities, Albert F. Canwell, Chairman.

University of Washington Board of Regents, Communism and Academic Freedom: The Record of the Tenure Cases at the University of Washington, 1949, Seattle, University of Washington Press.

Wilkins, William J., The Sword and the Gavel: The Last of the Nuremberg Judges, 1981, Seattle, The Writing Works.

Wright, Norma Vance, Reflections Along the Wayside of Life, n.d. manuscript (memoirs of Judge James T. Ronald).


Dobson, James C., Mind of a Killer (laser disk and audio cassette), 1995, Chatsworth (CA), Kozel Multimedia.

Kendall, Elizabeth, The Phantom Prince: My Life With Ted Bundy, 1981, Seattle, Madrona Publishers.

Keppel, Robert D., The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer, 1995, N.Y., Pocket Books.

------, Pornography (video), 1994, Colorado Springs, Focus on the Family (includes Bundy interview segments).

Larsen, Richard W., Bundy: The Deliberate Stranger, 1980, Englewood Cliffs (NJ), Prentice Hall.

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------, Ted Bundy: Conversations With a Killer, 1989, N.Y., Signet Books/New American Library.

Nelson, Polly, Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer, 1994, N.Y., Morrow.

Rule, Ann, The Stranger Beside Me, 1980, N.Y., W.W. Norton, rev. ed., 1989, N.Y., New American Library.

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Gunther, Max, D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened, 1985, Chicago, Contemporary Books.

Himmelsbach, Ralph and Thomas K. Worcester, Norjack: The Investigation of D.B. Cooper, 1986, West Linn (OR), Norjack Project.

Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas, Vanished!, 1991, New York, Walker Publishing (about missing persons including D.B. Cooper).

Houston, Darrel Bob, D.B. King of the Midnight Blue, 1976, Los Angeles, Avalon Books (fictionalized).

Hudson, Vivian H., D. B. Cooper Where Are You?, 1989, New York, Carlton Press (fictionalized).

Reed, J.D., The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, 1980, New York, Dell Publishing (previously released as Freefall by Delacorte Press New York (fictionalized).

Rhodes, Bernie, D.B. Cooper: The Real McCoy, 1991, Salt Lake City, University of Utah Press.

Tosaw, Richard Thomas, D.B. Cooper: Dead or Alive, 1984 Ceres (CA), Tosaw Publishing Co.

See Also

Frontier Justice: Abstracts and Indexes to the Records of the Washington Territorial District Courts, 1854-1889, Washington State Archives, Olympia.

Guide to the Case Files of the Washington State Attorney General's Office, 1908-1918, Washington State Archives, Olympia.

Prison, Pardon and Clemency Records Useful for Genealogical Research, 1877-1985, Washington State Archives, Olympia.

Guide to the Records of the Washington Territorial Supreme Court, 1853-1889, Washington State Archives, Olympia.

Guide to the Records of the Washington State patrol, 1921-1979. Washington State Archives, Olympia.

Bolt Fishing Rights Decision/ Fishing rights studies/Indian Taxation

Anti-Chinese Riots materials

9th Judicial Circuit Court Historical Society publications/"Western Legal History" Magazine

UW Law School Library bios & files/WA Lawyers collection

Matt Starwich (KC Sheriff) Scrapbooks

KC Sheriff's Dept. scrapbooks/Pam Bailey

Women's Law Center video "Her Day in Court"

Washington National Guard histories re: coal mine strikes & martial law/PNQ article, same subject/studies, dissertations on martial law

Other Hirabayashi material

James Colman, County Commissioner, murder case (Lake Washington, unsolved)

Canwell Committee hearings transcripts/cold war on campus material

KC Jail history

Mary McCarthy's Circus Politics in Washington State article, New Republic

Housing discrimination case

Civil Rights/Redlining cases

UW reverse discrimination/DeFunis case

Other Wobbly trial material

Seattle General Strike material

Interurban lawsuit & Jacob Furth

Port lawsuit by Tukwila & valley cities

Metro representation suit/ruling by Dwyer

History of prostitution/brothels

Seattle magazine police corruption stories

Other Supreme Court studies

Bamboo People: re Japanese American legal issues.

Seattle Seven

Seattle Black Panthers

Edwin Pratt Case

Oral history of Canwell, Sam Smith, etc.

Seattle waterfront strike 1934

PI Strike

KKK/Silver Shirt material

Railroads and Clearcuts

Spotted Owl decision

Judge Thomas Burke bio

Dave Beck bio

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