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William Bell: Pioneer Recollections, 1878

William Bell (1817-1887) was a member of the Denny party that went ashore at Alki Point on November 13, 1851. The following spring he settled with his wife Sarah Ann Bell (1815-1856) and their four ch...

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Williamson, Joe D. (1909-1994)

Over the course of his lifetime, much of it spent on the water, Joe D. Williamson (1909-1994) documented a wide swath of Northwest history with his camera, yet he did not consider photography his prim...

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Working and Living at the Cedar River Watershed, 1916-1929

Randall E. Rydeen's (1906-1998) account of work and life at Cedar Falls was recorded on May 20, 1993 by Marian Arlin. The following is an excerpt from the Oral History Project of the Cedar River Water...

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Working on a Seattle City Light Line Crew, 1949-1973

Walt Sickler (b. 1927) worked for Seattle City Light for 40 years. In 1989, he retired as the Director of Operations, in charge of all the dams, power transmission systems, and shops. His first job wa...

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World War I Era Spiritualism in Seattle

This story, prepared by museum historian Lorraine McConaghy, Ph.D., begins with a Ouija board held in the collection of Seattle's Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI). The simple wooden board meas...

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World War II Ends: A Letter Home

This is a letter written on August 10, 1945, by William J. "Bill" Nass (1924-1986), a 21-year-old soldier stationed in Shanghai, China. He wrote this letter home to his parents in Seattle immediately ...

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WTO Chronicles: Nancy Pennington Talks About Turtles

Nancy Pennington (b. 1938) is a Seattle animal rights activist who has twice donned a sea turtle costume to protest the policies of the World Trade Organization -- first during the 1999 WTO conference...

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WTO Protest Photos by Douglas Johnson, Seattle, 1999

Douglas Johnston shares his photographs of the WTO demonstrations from November 28 to December 2, 1999.

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Yesler Mill on Union Bay

In this People's History, Eleanor Boba explores the history of Yesler, an early settlement on the north shore of Union Bay on Seattle's Lake Washington shoreline. The town was platted in 1888 to suppo...

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