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Trackless Trolleys in Seattle

Trackless trolleys -- electric trolleys that have rubber tires rather than running on rails like streetcars -- have been a distinctive feature of Seattle's transit system since 1940. Seattle became th...

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Transportation Chronology: Moving Washington for a Century -- 100 Years in the History of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

This chronology marks the major milestones in the evolution of Washington's transportation system over a century of progress, challenge, and innovation.

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Turning Point 2: Roads, Rails, and Regional Planning

This is the second essay in a special series of essays commissioned by The Seattle Times to examine crucial turning points in the history of Seattle and King County. This segment examines the interpla...

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Walla Walla to Seattle Historic Corridor Wagon Roads

The Cascade Mountains posed a formidable obstacle to wagon travel in the 1840s and 1850s. When waves of emigrants began arriving in the Northwest, they followed the Columbia River Gorge, the easiest (...

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Washington Good Roads Association

The Northwest's system of roads and highways did not evolve easily. At the turn of the twentieth century, few roads were paved or even improved and county projects were not coordinated with one anothe...

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Washougal River Bridge

The Washougal River Bridge spans the Washougal River in Camas, in Clark County. It opened in 1908 as part of the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway (SP&S). This railroad was a joint enterprise of the...

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West Cashmere Bridge (Chelan County)

The West Cashmere Bridge was built in 1929 across the Wenatchee River about a third of a mile west of the city limits of Cashmere in Chelan County. Cashmere lies entirely on the south side of the rive...

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Who Laid Those Rusty Rails? -- The Rail Line to Black Diamond

A short section of old railroad line, rusty but intact, hidden deep in the woods near Lake Sawyer in Black Diamond in Southeast King County, inspired this People's History contributed by Bill Kombol. ...

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Wood, William D. (1858-1917)

William D. Wood, an attorney, land speculator, electric trolley line president, and Seattle mayor, was a conspicuous figure in the business and political life of Seattle for more than a quarter centur...

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