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Wright, Violet "Vim" Crane (1926-2003)

Vim Wright, as she preferred to be called, saw a lot in her 76 years. From an impoverished childhood in Istanbul, to society life in Baltimore with adoptive parents, to eventually becoming a primary p...

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Yamasaki, Minoru (1912-1986)

Minoru Yamasaki was born to Japanese immigrant parents in Seattle in 1912 and studied architecture at the University of Washington in 1932. He then moved to New York to complete his professional educa...

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Yee, Amy Woo (1922 -2000)

Amy Yee was a Seattle tennis star, a graceful and inspirational teacher who for 50 years brought the love of the sport to thousands of young people and adults in schools, parks, and private clubs. The...

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Yelkanum Seclamatan aka "Lynden Jim" (?-1911)

Yelkanum Seclamatan was a Nooksack chief who lived in the Lynden area for much of the nineteenth century and a small part of the twentieth. Though he was not the most dominant chief among the tribe, h...

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Yesler, Henry L. (1810?-1892)

Henry Yesler was a middle-aged man when he arrived at Elliott Bay in October 1852 and quickly established himself as the most important resident of the rain-swept little spot that would soon become Se...

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Yule, Emma Sarepta (1863-1939)

Despite nineteenth century patriarchal attitudes and societal constraints, Emma Yule – the first teacher and first school principal in the emerging city of Everett – pushed the social boun...

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Zalesky, Phil (1924-2013) and Laura (b. 1924)

Phil and Laura Zalesky began lives in 1924 that included early poverty, but became enriched through their marriage in 1945 and intertwined with some of the most important Pacific Northwest environment...

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Zarina, Astra (1929-2008)

Astra Zarina taught architecture for more than 30 years at the University of Washington, both in Seattle and in two study-abroad programs she created in Italy. With her genius for design and her passi...

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