King County Historical Bibliography, Part 07: Geographic Areas

  • Posted 11/23/2004
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This bibliography on geographical areas of King County was prepared as a community history resource by staff of the former King County Office of Cultural Resources, now 4Culture (King County Cultural Development Authority). It was last revised in August 1999.


King County Landmarks and Heritage Program, King County Office of Cultural Resources
506 Second Avenue, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104-2307 (206) 296-7580, 1-800-325-6165 V/TDD


The following bibliography is an introduction to major references about the history of geographic areas of King County. The listings are organized by King County Planning Areas. In some cases, the planning area boundaries do not correspond to the growth and development of communities, so the incorporated areas have been "assigned" to one or another of the planning areas. Since this bibliography is organized geographically, it should be noted that it does not contain a number of important references, including many of those relating to the following categories:

  • Seattle and its neighborhoods
  • Ethnic groups
  • Thematic material
  • Biographies, family histories and genealogical transcriptions
  • General references about King County and the region
  • Landmark nominations or individual historic site inventory forms
  • Archaeological material

The categories listed above are significant studies in themselves and require their own bibliographic treatment. Partial bibliographies for some categories, including ethnic heritage, have already been developed and published. It should be noted that the listings given below are a selection and represent a sampling of the available material. Many newspaper and journal articles, public documents, ephemera, maps, oral histories, manuscripts and other related material will be found in area repositories. Local and regional libraries, archives and historical organizations or agencies are often the best available resources for the serious researcher. A significant amount of primary source material is often associated with landmark nominations and historic site inventory forms, and historic preservation offices may be contacted directly for information relating to these resources. Only those historic site inventories that appear in document, brochure, guidebook or other published formats are included here.

King County Planning Areas (other than Seattle) include:

Bear Creek Federal Way Shoreline

East King County Green River Valley Soos Creek

East Sammamish Highline Snoqualmie

East Side Newcastle Tahoma/Raven Heights

Enumclaw Northshore Vashon

Papers in this series are maintained in electronic format. They are revised and updated periodically as new information becomes available.



(includes Redmond, Avondale, Happy Valley)

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(includes Baring, Berlin, Lester, Nippon-Alpine, Skykomish, Tye [Wellington])

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(includes Beaver Lake, High Point, Ingelwood, Issaquah [aka Gilman, Olney, Squak], Monohon, Pine Lake Plateau, Weber’s Point)

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(includes Beaux Arts, Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, Mercer Island, Yarrow Point)

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(includes Enumclaw, Eagle Gorge, Krain, Greenwater, Muckleshoot)

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(includes Coal Creek, Coalfield, Cougar Mountain, Hilltop, Kennydale, May Valley, Renton)

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(includes Bothell, Kenmore, Woodinville)

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(includes Shoreline and Lake Forest Park)

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By Charles Payton

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