Today in Washington State History From Alfred A. Plummer and Charles Bachelder settle on the site of future Port Townsend on April 24, 1851. First post office in Mason County is established at Oakland on April 24, 1858. General Howard meets with Smohalla, Wanapum spiritual leader, on April 24, 1877. Main administration building of the State Normal School at Cheney burns down on April 24, 1912. Mary Davenport-Engberg debuts Seattle Civic Symphony Orchestra in concert at Metropolitan Theatre on April 24, 1921. Two women die in an airplane crash at Pearson Field in Vancouver on April 24, 1927. CHECC (Choose an Effective City Council) holds debut press conference in Seattle on April 24, 1967. Bees disrupt protest at UW campus on April 24, 1969. Legislature approves $8.5 billion transportation tax package, which will survive subsequent ballot challenge, on April 24, 2005.