Today in Washington State History From Tacoma's Olof Bull plays his fiddle on the summit of Mount Rainier on July 28, 1896. Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle celebrates Elks Day, Port Townsend Day, W.C.T.U. Day, and Baker City Day on July 28, 1909. Alfred J. Anderson shoots and kills Whatcom County Sheriff's Deputy James F. Chatfield near Blaine on July 28, 1921. Boeing Flying Fortress B-17 prototype takes her maiden flight on July 28, 1935. Freeholders propose new Home Rule charter for King County on July 28, 1952. Century 21 Exposition debuts Saturday night dances on July 28, 1962. Boeing reveals on July 28, 1969, that in 1969 the firm has reduced its workforce by 12,000 employees. Seattle is reported highest per capita nationwide in bombings on July 28, 1970. Norm Rice unexpectedly enters race for Seattle Mayor on last day of filing, July 28, 1989. Two hydroplane racing fans discover the skull of Kennewick Man on the bank of the Columbia River on July 28, 1996.