Today in Washington State History From Roller skating in Seattle first occurs on October 21, 1871. Seattle College, now Seattle University, formally incorporates on October 21, 1898. MacKay Post Office opens on October 21, 1901. Trains collide on the Great Northern Railway at Fern Bluff near Monroe on October 21, 1906. Pasco-Kennewick (Benton-Franklin Inter-County) Bridge spanning the Columbia River is dedicated on October 21, 1922. Hurricane-force winds kill 21 in Western Washington on October 21, 1934. President Kennedy's Cold War cold supersedes Seattle World's Fair closing ceremonies on October 21, 1962. Todd Pacific Shipyards fire (Harbor Island, Seattle) breaks out on October 21, 1964. SuperSonics win first victory on October 21, 1967. Governor Evans convenes Washington State Women's Council on October 21, 1971. Demolition of the southern mile of Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct begins on October 21, 2011.